Biographical Note

I grew up in Shropshire, which was the perfect setting for a romantic with the wanderlust. When I wasn’t reading the Brontës or dreaming over Jane Austen, I was tromping through cow fields or upsetting the sheep (they’re highly suspicious creatures).

I later studied English at Leicester University. This gave me an excuse to spend yet more of my waking hours buried in books. This time, propped up in a creaky student bed, rather than propped up against a tree. This is also where I caught the acting bug, which is a bit like writing, only louder and more three-dimensional.

After graduation, I moved to London where I studied acting for two years. This was my grounding for becoming a writer. This was where I learned about story telling, and about plot: where I learned about and character and how to hold the attention of an audience, whether they are watching you on a stage, or reading your words on a page.

Since then, I have worked in all aspects of theatre from washing showgirls’ tights and selling ice creams, and played everything from overgrown schoolgirls to nineteenth century tragic heroines. I have also appeared in a number of independent films.

It was the breaks between acting roles that finally gave me the opportunity to start writing seriously. Since sitting down and experimenting with that first opening paragraph, I have never looked back.

I live in London with my husband and a marshmallow of a cat called Claude. The plan for the future? To keep writing; to write novels that women want to read, and to write them well. The Brontës, those frowning sheep and Jane Austen have a lot to answer for.